11 Unique Contents Every Marketer Should Try


To be successful in marketing, whether it’s marketing online or offline. And if it’s online or inbound marketing, you must have some tools like a blog, some lead-gen offers, and some useful social media accounts.

The more effective these things are, the more you can attract customers. To make your content more effective, you’ve to create content that is diversified, colorful, and capable of being more communicative.

In a word, you need to create unique content. if you produce some kind of content over and over and again, it will be boring and hamper the growth of your marketing campaign. Unique content can eliminate this problem. 

Now, it’s high time you made balanced and diversified content and experiment with some new types of unique content that you haven’t tried before.

Using these contents, you can really stand out from your competitors. Though these contents haven’t been applied hugely by marketers, these can be gems for uprising your marketing process.

You can try 11 of these types of unique content in your campaigns and websites.    

1) Animated GIFs

Though animated GIFs have long been used on chat boards and online forums, these aren’t the element of mainstream marketing online. But recently, for example, a blogging platform like Tumblr has made a very useful tool.

These fun animations can add an interesting visual element to your marketing content. If you include animated GIFs on your website and landing pages, you can create unique content and attract more visitors.

These GIFs are not had to create and visitors could feel happy with a page or site including features like these.  

2) Comics/Cartoons


Comics and Cartoons are the kinda content that can entertain both marketers and visitors. Marketers can find fun in creating them, while visitors of the content would be entertained undoubtedly, if they have, at least, the capability to accept funny elements. 

Funny cartoons that are relatable to people in your industry can surely achieve more social shares than the average text update. Then, they will spend more time on the web. As a result, you’d get more inbound links and traffic as well. 

3) Concept/Content Visualization

Concept visualization is another kind of powerful marketing weapon that you can add to your marketing arsenal. Abstract or hard-to-understand concepts can be explained more easily. It especially works better for concepts that are hard to describe through text. 

For content like children’s books, this tool can be the most effective one. When it comes to getting prospects in understanding difficult concepts that your product or service can solve, then content visualization can serve as a great tool.

For example, at HubSpot, concept visualizations are frequently used to depict various inbound marketing concepts given in blogs, ebooks, social media platforms, webinars, etc. To visualize the concept of closed-loop marketing, concept visualization can be like the example given below: 

4) Controversial Content

It’s undeniable that controversial matters can generate huge traffic, comments, inbound links, and reactions. This happens because controversy attracts almost everyone. It instigates emotion and emotion created passion, which in turn converted into actions.

When executed immaculately, controversial content can increase engagement and brand reputation. Just make sure that you’re not using controversy for the sake of increasing the quantity of controversy. Be sure you’ve got the supported opinions and logic behind it. 

For example, recently there was a live debate between Kipp Bodnar and Laura Fitton, two active HubSpot users. The topic of the debate was ‘Whether or not Twitter is a dying social network.’ It increased the traffic of HubSpot as well as Twitter when the debate was arranged. 

5) Video Livestreaming


Why not add a Livestreaming video as your content? This can enhance and develop both your traffic and content, as it’s a very interactive tool. There’s a good chance of flooding your site with a good and special live stream of your video. According to your decisions, you can add a call-to-action button or product/service. Remember, don’t make your show just an infomercial. 

What topics you use as the content of your blog post, can also be used here. Make sure one thing–is your content relevant to your industry? It should have the quality of displaying thought leadership, discussing interesting or new data, or presenting a relevant, interesting, and popular topic. 

For real-time social engagement, this type of content is very effective. You should create proper hashtags for your Livestream and give the chance of igniting discussion online before, after, and on time of the stream. Then, your Livestream video would provide you with the expected result.

6) Event Information

Don’t simply announce your participation in events, write a blog on it, and then get lost. Rather, add a page on your page that clearly states your confirmation of attending all the events your company possibly can.

For each event, there should be a link to the event site, your company’s location at the event, and the category and process of your participation. Location-based check-ins can be useful here, for sure. 

7) Infographics

To present data-based or process-based information, infographics are very unique content. If you have the backup of numbers or info back up,  then these can be eye-catchy, colorful, and attractive for posting on the blog or landing page of the website.

They are very good for social sharing, especially on visual sites like Pinterest or StumbleUpon. For example, you’d see excellent infographics regarding the statistics of cricket matches. It makes people understand the total condition of the match very clearly as well as vividly. 

8) Music Videos

It will be really a funny thing if your business organization decides to produce a music video and add it to your content. To do it, surely, there would need much more time investment for the tasks like writing lyrics, filming, and editing it, however, if you can make the decision timely, it will reap some great rewards.

To go viral, it can be a powerful medium and would be a powerful tool to be added to your web page or blog post. In addition, it can work excellently for branding and creating brand awareness. 

9) Original Data

Original data is great fuel for some awesome content. Through some authentic data, you can prove your strong position in the market. It can be the survey result of your customer base or maybe you can go in partnership with a research firm to conduct the survey and subsequent research.

Publishing original data can establish you as an honest leader, and provide you with resources that make you stay ahead in the competitive industry. This job can be done through infographics or visualization we stated earlier. 

Here a visualization leverages data published in the State of Inbound Marketing Report whose original data have originated from HubSpot’s customer base. 

10) Podcasts


Podcasts can be a great way of learning for professionals who want to learn while commuting or traveling, or for people who just prefer to learn by listening. If we observe, we would see those successful podcasters build huge followers through their base of subscribers.

Podcasts are normally conducted on iTunes or through other websites. However, they can also be linked to your website or blog. Additional ‘Call-to-action’ from social sharing cues to generating leads for taking initiatives– all can be included in the podcasts. 

11) User-Generated Content


User-generated content can be collected from social media. There are surely some loyal and regular customers who talk about your products and create excellent content about you. You can also use it to leverage your company and brands.

However, you can provide some incentives to inspire your fans to create helpful content on a regular basis. For example, you can conduct contests to offer a prize for the best piece of content. Or You can use a loyalty program, where a point-based reward can be introduced for submitting good content.

You can place their content on your websites and social media profiles in order to inspire both existing and potential customers, cause it has a very good multiplier effect. 

Hence, you can use some of the above-stated unique content to make your online content more interesting and useful for your audience.


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