48 mins ago

    Bangladesh educational institutions will remain closed until June 30 – Times of India

    DHAKA: The Bangladeshi the government extended the closure during educational institutions until June 30, as the rate of Covid-19 infection…
    6 hours ago

    Guinea-Bissau’s cashew farmers survive tough times

    Cashews are Guinea-Bissau’s main export crop, but times are tough for farmers, as photojournalist Ricci Shryock reports. Alciony Fernandez comes…
    6 hours ago

    Trump State Department officials argued over whether the coronavirus was a Chinese biological weapon

    In the final days of the Trump administration, the State Department was embroiled in a bitter dispute over China’s role…
    7 hours ago

    Authorities limit the hajj to 60,000 pilgrims in Saudi Arabia and other news from around the world.

    The annual hajj pilgrimage to Mecca next month will be limited to 60,000 people and limited to people living in…
    8 hours ago

    Football fans dismayed by live footage of Eriksen’s collapse

    Viewers criticize TV broadcasters for zooming in on Eriksen after his collapse on the pitch and showing his wife in…



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