2 hours ago

    Biden’s victory means some Guantanamo prisoners could be freed

    WASHINGTON (AP) – The oldest prisoner at Guantanamo Bay detention center went to his final review board hearing with some…
    3 hours ago

    German far right holds congress with COVID ‘potential hotspot’

    About 600 AfD members are due to meet at an unused nuclear power plant in the city of Kalkar on…
    8 hours ago

    Tigray crisis: Ethiopian soldiers accused of having blocked the border with Sudan

    Refugees who fled the Tigray region of northern Ethiopia amid heavy fighting The number of refugees fleeing Ethiopia’s northern Tigray…
    9 hours ago

    COVID-19 hospitalizations rise in US, worrying officials

    More than 90,000 patients with COVID-19 are in hospitals across the United States, which continue to see an increase in…
    9 hours ago

    Pentagon chief visits Somalia ahead of expected troop cuts

    The Shababs have launched specific new threats against Americans in East Africa – and even the United States – in…



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