1 hour ago

    Brazilian Senate investigates Bolsonaro’s treatment of COVID-19

    São Paulo, Brazil – The Brazilian Senate has launched an investigation into President Jair Bolsonaro’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic,…
    2 hours ago

    Eco-friendly stoves help preserve El Salvador’s coastal mangroves

    María Luz Rodríguez stands next to her solar oven where she cooked lasagna in the village of El Salamar, in…
    3 hours ago

    An independent expert panel advising the CDC could vote on the Johnson & Johnson vaccination break.

    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advisory committee discusses the Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine break at a meeting Wednesday…
    5 hours ago

    South Africans worried about pause in Johnson & Johnson vaccine use – Times of India

    JOHANNESBURG: South AfricaThe decision to suspend use of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine due to preliminary reports of rare blood…
    6 hours ago

    Syria rejects surveillance investigation into 2018 gas attack

    DAMASCUS, Syria (AP) – Syria on Wednesday dismissed as fabricating the results of an investigation by the global chemical weapons…



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