AP PHOTOS: Scenes of violence in the shock world of the U.S. Capitol

A crowd invading the US Capitol. Police officers with guns inside the House of Representatives. Lawmakers hiding from intruders seeking to overturn a national election.

These and other scenes from Capitol Hill shocked the world on Wednesday as violent protesters loyal to President Donald Trump stormed the country’s corridors of power in a brazen attempt to undermine democracy and prevent Democrat Joe Biden to replace Trump in the White House in two weeks.

The chaos interrupted Congress’s Electoral College tally, which showed Biden defeated Trump, 306-232.

In the morning, Trump gathered his supporters outside the White House and urged them to march to Capitol Hill. A few hours later, after fighting the police and entering the building, he told them to “go home in peace”. He described them as “very special people” whose cause he supported.

Biden, speaking from Wilmington, Delaware, called on Trump to be on national television to demand “an end of this siege.”

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