A dozen people missing after capsized boat off southern United States coast

Six of the 18 people on board the lift boat had been rescued off Louisiana in the Gulf of Mexico.

A dozen people went missing at sea off the US state of Louisiana after a commercial vessel capsized in the Gulf of Mexico, triggering a rescue operation that saved six others.

The U.S. Coast Guard and a fleet of volunteers were deployed to search for the 18 crew members on board after the ship capsized in a storm near Port Fourchon, about 100 miles south of New Orleans, Wednesday. [IS IT Wednesday OR Tuesday? The caption says Tuesday night]

The vessel was a 39.3-meter (129-foot) lifting vessel, commonly used to support drilling and construction, the Coast Guard said.

They told the newspaper that the search for the rest of the crew was continuing.

“We’re looking for more at the moment,” Sea Master Jonathan Lally, a Coast Guard spokesman, told the Washington Post on Wednesday morning.

A photo posted on Twitter by the Coast Guard showed only a small part of the ship protruding from rough waters.

The operation came as an unexpectedly violent storm hit the area, creating dangerous conditions for boats in the area.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has reported gusts of up to 75 mph (120 km / h) on the south coast of Louisiana, according to local media.

Eighteen people were on the ship when it capsized, Seacor Marine, the shipping company that owns the ship, told The New York Times.

The incident comes more than a month before the start of the hurricane season in the region. Researchers expect this year to be more active than average.

Last years hurricane season has seen a record number of tropical storms in the Atlantic Basin.

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