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Many individuals claim that their decorative style is “eclectic,” but if the word is used to define a haphazard space with a jumble of mixed parts and no clear underlying common thread, it’s not really eclectic style, it’s just a mess. While an eclectic style of decoration involves a certain absence of regulations and “anything goes” atmosphere, when performed correctly, it also retains control by following general guidelines and, above all, by using colour, shape, texture or style to bind the whole look into a harmonious environment.

What many of the defines the eclectic look is a combination of different styles coupled to complement each other rather than clash. Love the dresser of your Art Deco and the rustic bed? Then you understand the heart of the eclectic style–filling your bedroom with pieces that you love, even if they aren’t traditional matches, is okay.

Be conscious–in this style of decoration, equilibrium and scale are essential. Your furniture may not come from the same decade–or even from the same generation–but they still need to be on the room and each other’s appropriate scale.

7 Eclectic Hot Decorating Tips

Currently, eclectic interiors are extremely trendy, and every magazine, television show and blog shows you aspiring to covet eclectic interior design. But what’s the eclectic style precisely? It feels like it’s just a lot of things to the untrained eye that were randomly tossed together and worked magically. But if you’ve ever attempted to create an eclectic interior with your hand, you may have noticed it’s not as easy as it looks. Continue reading to see the top 7 tips for your eclectic home from our affordable interior designer!

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1. Chose Color

Rather than going wild on the front color, think your palette of key colors in advance. This is what will guide you as opposed to a wild and erratic space in establishing a harmonious room. To get you began, pick a good neutral palette and an accent color. You may add to that key palette as you construct your indoor inventory. Be influenced by what other eclectic interiors look like.

2. Always Play with Pattern

To subtly bring distinct design eras into a space, use patterned rugs and scatter pillows. When used with other patterns, geometric forms, fleur-de-lis and even polka dots can generate esthetic intrigue. The vibrant visual of apparently opposing patterns adds fun and surprise to a room; keeps an atmosphere of light-heartedness.

3. Eclectic Style Gallery Wall

If you always wished a wall in the gallery, it’s time now! A gallery wall brings personality and character to any space, and here you can really let your fantasy and personality run wild. This is where the beautiful simplistic wall goes into play as well. Showcase your strange and beautiful pieces of art to add personality and quirk to the space.

4. Loves Texture

Contrast is a main component in an eclectic style, and you can demonstrate a fast solution by using distinct textures in your interior. Marble, soft leather, timber or steel with fluffy covers, woven rugs or coarse stone and brick contribute to an eclectic home’s much-loved esthetic narrative. At the core of these creative designs resides this comparison.

5. Mix Up Furniture In Your Eclectic Style

Eclectic styles are ideal to display wonderful finds of furniture and distinctive pieces of art. Follow your insight and a creatively designed room is likely to be created. Keep in mind that it will take time to construct your eclectic house. These types of parts tend to have a tale of a journey somewhere or a tiny store you’ve discovered nearly by accident. Be patient and be accessible to the correct products for your eyes and mind.

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6. Statement Objects

Each piece of furniture and decor can have a tale, but statements items are what will contribute to your space that ideal finish touch. Think about carvings, vases, candlesticks, table chairs and lights on the ground. Choose one object and offer it a unique spot in the space where it can sit alone and steal the display. Or produce and proudly show a collection of favourite products that you can enjoy them every day.

7. Ban the Clutter

Eclectic doesn’t imply something chaotic and packed with things to the brim. Simple is best, even if it goes to eclecticism’s fine art! There are fewer main parts you really enjoy, rather than racks complete of decorations and a ground complete of feelings. Keep stuff smooth and clean and display your treasured belongings. Just because you own it, it doesn’t imply you’ve got to demonstrate it!

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