11 Delicious Easter Cookies Recipe

11 Delicious Easter Cookies Recipe Ideas

Do not let eggs have all the embellishing fun. If you’re searching for some sweet Easter cookies to make for your Easter breakfast or Easter dinner, consider this your supreme guide. Here you’ll discover all the prettiest and tastiest concepts, chock-full of Robin Eggs, Cadbury Mini Eggs, and Easter M&M’s.

Bunny Sugar Cookies

Keep your bunnies traditional or go for it with garnishes, like frosting, gels, or sprinkles.

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M&M’s Easter Cookies

Get a bag of Easter M&M’s and you’re almost midway done with making these easy Easter cookies.

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Egg Sprinkle Cookies

Start with a basic sugar cookie dish, the top with rolled white fondant and colorful sprinkles.

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Easter Blossom Sugar Cookies

Vibrant sugar crystals are the secret to making these cookies look Easter-ready.

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Sweet Cottontail Cookies

Your kids will love making (and consuming!) these charming bunny butts.

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Carrot Cake Cookies

A delicious mashup of a whoopie pie and a carrot cake, this tasty cookie will be the star of your Easter supper dessert spread.

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Sugar Cookie Easter Egg Nest

Use a muffin tin almond-flavored sugar cookie dough to make the little nests, then fill them up with Robin Eggs.

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Bunny Paw Thumbprint Cookies

Your Easter breakfast visitors will never think these charming cookies were made with a bag of Betty Crocker sugar cookie mix.

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Malted Milk Speckled Egg Cookies

If you like Whoppers’ Robin Eggs, you’re going to go bananas for these cookies.

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Chocolate Cadbury Egg Cookies

Trust us, this is the very best method to eat Cadbury Mini Eggs.

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Easter Chick Lemon Cookies

These Easter cookies are clucking cute!

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