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Nexus 5 specs and design leaked from service manual

The Nexus 5 is one of those “known unknowns” in the smartphone world. We all know it’s real, but didn’t know what the device would look like on the inside and outside. Thanks to an anonymous tip to Android Police, the mystery (or at least most of it) surrounding the Nexus 5 is solved. The leaked internal service manual shows not only line drawings of the exterior design of the Nexus 5, but also a breakdown of the internal hardware inside powering it.

The Nexus 5 will include specs that will make any Android fan salivate, and perhaps some iPhone 5S buyers regretful. Powering the Nexus 5 will be a 2.3 Ghz quad-core Snapdragon 800 CPU with 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage. A 4.95″ 1080p display (IPS display) will adorn the front of the device along with a 1.3 MP front-facing camera. An 8 MP rear-facing camera will be included, which hopefully won’t have the same issues as the Moto X camera.

The usual gamut of Bluetooth 4.0, 802.11 wireless a/b/g/n, and NFC connectivity are included, however, unlike its predecessor, the Nexus 5 will include LTE support. And unlike the Nexus 4, CDMA support means the Nexus 5 could theoretically support Verizon and Sprint’s networks (LTE support will depend on which LTE bands the device supports). UMTS and GSM support means that there’s a near 100 percent chance the Nexus 5 will land on T-Mobile and AT&T.

Wireless charging returns to the Nexus 5 as well, which includes a 2,300 mAh battery (you’ll need that juice to power the large HD display). The document also cites that the Nexus 5 will be the same dimensions of the Nexus 4. Another spec not mentioned, but again a near sure addition, is the installation of Android Kit Kat, the latest version of Android from Google. And since this is a Nexus device, users are treated to a pure Android experience and fast updates (Nexus updates are controlled directly by Google without carrier involvement).

Pricing and availability are still not available, but if I had to guess I would bet on a November launch at around $400 with no contract. This would put it just in time for the holiday push, and to steal some of the limelight from Apple – although it seems the limelight is already fading for the iPhone 5C.

Image Credit: Phone Dog

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